Laboratory Work

Project Support

Analytic vH2O2 studies for determining residual concentration, analysis of penetration through packaging materials and biocompatibility (definition of final vH2O2 concentration for the purpose of checking compatibility and the effects on biological products). 

Coordination of the delivery of qualified materials for vH2O2 cycle development and PQ studies at the customer's site: biological and chemical indicators (BIs and CIs), hydrogen peroxide and TSB culture media


  • Microbiological and analytical support for the development of new products.
  • Research studies for glove testing.
  • Development of methods and study plans concerning environmental monitoring, biological decontamination and biological/chemical indicators. 

Routine microbiological services

  • Counting and certification of biological indicators prior to use in vH2O2 studies.
  • D-value determination and certification of biological indicators prior to use.
  • Storage and controlled release  of biological indicators with respect to their expiration dates.