LAF Booth

Product Description

LAF booths provide product protection for working areas of varying sizes such as, for example, sampling, general process technology and the sterile filling of pharmaceutical and food products. Product protection is ensured by means of targeted air flow. A clean and low-turbulence air flow (laminar air flow) vertically flows into the work area of the booth and is released back into the surrounding area close to the bottom. Airborne particles are collected in a controlled manner and discharged.

Technical Details

  • Self-supporting powder-coated stainless steel or sheet steel construction
  • Laminar air flow system
  • Pre-filter cassettes behind the perforated plate
  • HEPA filter H14
  • Perforated plate or membrane distributor air outlet surface
  • Automatic fan control for a constant LAF speed
  • LED lighting
  • Integrated control system
  • Technical documentation according to the Machinery Directive
  • Qualification documentation
  • GMP-/FDA-compliant design
  • CE declaration of conformity


  • Integrated cooling system
  • ATEX model
  • Supporting legs with or without rollers
  • Suspended building ceiling
  • Flow restriction by means of a PVC curtain, PVC blades or closed wall elements