Competence made in Germany

GMP Compliant Solutions for Barrier Technologies and
Environmental Control
of Pharmaceutical Processes

PROTECTING LIFE WITH TECHNOLOGY - in order to live up to our guiding principle, a high degree of responsibility and know-how is required. For the implementation in the interests of our customers, employees and ultimately the patients, our values, quality, flexibility and healthy growth accompany us every day.
Ralf Eßling (COO) and Dipl. Ing. Olaf Ziel (CEO) - Management
Geschäftsleitung Franz Ziel: Olaf Ziel und Ralf Eßling

Founded by Franz Ziel

1989: Construction of the first owned company building (Plant 1)
1996: Olaf Ziel joins the company
2002: 1st expansion of Plant 1
2003: Construction of the first containment isolators

Ing. Franz Ziel, Founder


Construction of the first aseptic isolators

2009: 2nd expansion of Plant 1 & Franz Ziel leaves the company
2010: Development of our own W-LAN glove testing system (GTS)
2011: Construction of the first aseptic / toxic isolator lines
2012: Construction of the second company building (Plant 2)
2013: Establishment of our own microbiology laboratory
2015: Market launch FZ-BDS – Integrated Bio-Decon System with vH2O2
2018: Construction of the third company building (Plant 3)
2020: Planning of Plant 4
2021: Construction of Plant 4
2022: 230 employees


40th Anniversary

2022: 230 employees


Further Internationalization

2023: First Isolator from Franz Ziel for Japan
2023: Advancing the innovative RDS Rapid Decontamination Station
2023: more than 250 employees

Current Good manufacturing practice (cGMP) requires an understanding of process and associated science to manage contamination risks in sterile medicinal products and Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal (ATMPs) product manufacturing.
James L. Drinkwater - PE, Franz Ziel Head of GMP Compliance and Aseptic Processing Support
At Franz Ziel we provide support in the process and science of Environmental control, Cross contamination Control and Aseptic-Containment via development of integrated process solutions based on Barrier technologies; Isolators/ RABS and associated decontamination processes.
Protecting medicinal products and therapies from contamination starts with design and technologies based on good science and process understanding. At Franz Ziel we aim for excellence in these principles to meet GMP compliance
Dr. Hussein Bachir - Scientist GMP Compliance

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