Controlled Material Transfer

Transfer of material between different clean room zones as standard or special designs.

Material transfer with or without the sterilization process.

Rapid Decon Hatch

The Rapid Decon Hatch enables the supply of materials into clean rooms or isolators under aseptic conditions. The material is decontaminated in the hatch by the integrated bio-decontamination system “FZ-BDS 12/60” with vH₂O₂ (evaporated hydrogen peroxide).


  • RDH

Rapid Decon Station

Rapid Decon Stations enable the offline decontamination of e.g. Monitoring material. The material is decontaminated in the station by the integrated bio-decontamination system, using vaporized hydrogen peroxide. Then the material is transported in RTP containers e.g. to a filling machine. The RDS is particularly suitable for supplying filling processes in isolators with monitoring material in campaign operations.


  • RDS

LAF transport trolley

LAF transport trolleys with network-independent battery operation offer product protection and enable transport under aseptic conditions through inferior clean rooms, e.g. B. Manual freeze dryer loading.


  • LAF-TC

Hot air sterilization tunnel

Hot air sterilization tunnels continuously depyrogenate pharmaceutical glass objects, e.g. B. vials, syringes, after washing in a washing machine and before entering a filling machine.

The tunnels consist of an entry zone, the sterilization zone and the cooling zone with a corresponding pressure cascade between the zones. The electrical control is integrated for a compact design.


  • Tunnel FZ