Protecting the environment with efficiency

Utilities supply for the Franz Ziel production halls

Franz Ziel uses environmentally friendly methods for supplying its three production halls with utilities. This demonstrates how the commitment and efficiency of our daily work is reflected in the structure of our enterprise as a whole.

In these times of climate change and growing environmental problems, we are committed to constantly incorporating innovation into our daily work. In order to reduce their impact on the environment, our factory halls 2 and 3 both operate at “zero net carbon emissions”. This means that work in these halls has no impact on the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, which is a major contribution to protecting the environment.

The power required is generated by a PV installation mounted on the roofs of halls 2 and 3, which also supplies hall 1. In addition, there are electrical heat pumps at both halls, supplying heat in winter and contributing to cooling in summer. Water supply at all halls is via a borehole with a filter system connected downstream. These measures also help us to look towards the future and accept our social responsibility – for helping people and the environment alike.

Top view on all 3 halls of Franz Ziel GmbH | Source: Kartendaten © 2018 GeoBasis-DE/BKG, Google

About the halls

Hall 1 was completed in 1989. It consists in particular of the areas for aseptic processing equipment and GMP compliance, production and assembly as well as the technical service department, and it also provides the location for the microbiology laboratory. The building is constantly upgraded and has been extended in recent years.

Hall 2 was built and extended for production and assembly in 2013.

The newly built hall 3 has served as company headquarters since this year (2018). It is home to management, sales, quality management, project management, production and assembly as well as mechanical and electrical engineering.

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