Sustainability - Photovoltaic at Franz Ziel

We at Franz Ziel live our guiding principle all-embracingly. Sustainability and resource preservation are essential to us and we set great value on efficient energy caption:

We have been using solar energy for over 10 years and now also our newest plant boasts a PV. The electricity thus generated supplies the plants with energy for the lighting systems, machines and other electricity consumers. In this way, we can generate up to 260,000 kWh of electricity per year – a lot of electricity, considering that you can actively work on a laptop for around 50 hours with just 1 kWh!

Compared to a conventional electricity mix, we save up to 126t CO2 by generating our own electricity. And we continue to work on increasing our solar plant’s capacity and therefore the CO2 savings.

Excess green electricity is fed into the public network so that others can benefit from this resource-saving power.

After all, we only have one world. And it’s on us to protect it!

On Youtube you can find a short film of our site: