Compliance and Code of Conduct

Our behavior must at all times correspond to our Fundamentals and Corporate Values, legal regulations as well as social norms. This applies in all of the countries in which we are active. Adherence to external and internal rules is obligatory for all those who work at Franz Ziel GmbH.

Social responsibility
Our economic actions are based upon social principles which we have undertaken to exercise vis-à-vis our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners. We are keen to ensure that the capital at our disposal is deployed in such a manner that we are able to offer our employees interesting and secure places of work. Of particular interest to us in this conjunction is our determination to provide young people with training, thus giving them a good start to their professional careers. The protection of human rights, safeguarding the future, health protection, further training, industrial safety and the encouragement of diversity within our company are important issues when it comes to promoting our sustainability.

Franz Ziel gmbH greatly values a corporate culture marked by open and mutual trust. Thus, we encourage every employee to turn to his usual contacts within the company, in particular superiors or the local Management Board, in the event of any compliance risks. The same applies for our business partners and any other persons who would like to report any suspected compliance violations.

Why does Franz Ziel GmbH have such a compliance system with an internal reporting office?
An internal reporting point enables employees of Franz Ziel GmbH and external third parties (e.g. customers, business partners, etc.) to report national violations of the law with confidence and to make a significant contribution to clarifying them.

A good compliance management system with the option of an internal reporting office offers many advantages to everyone involved:

  • … it creates trust,
    in Franz Ziel GmbH as such and in its activities with its own employees, customers, business partners and the public in terms of integrity and sense of responsibility and actions geared towards this.
  • … protects the people involved,
    which information is made available via the Internal Reporting Office or whose rights are affected by the report.
  • …enables an early warning system,
    through early preventative awareness of company-related misconduct (“early warning function”).
  • …strengthens Franz Ziel GmbH as a company,
    because legal and economic risks can be identified and reduced at an early stage in order to protect against economic and reputational damage and to sustainably promote the corporate culture..

Contact person & reporting channels
We have decided to record the reports in oral or written form using a digital compliance solution. This compliance solution is operated on our behalf by a so-called ombudsman office. The ombudsman’s office is unavigator GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft in Gütersloh (“unavigator”). As an auditing company, unavigator is subject to very strict professional obligations, such as independence, impartiality, confidentiality, conscientiousness and personal responsibility. By using unavigator, we achieve the highest level of confidentiality and secrecy for any informant.

If you have specific, well-founded information about possible legal and compliance violations, you can contact unavigator in confidence using the following reporting channels:

You can also use the QR code.

Mo. – Fr.: 09:00 – 17:00 Uhr
Germany: 0800 3800 999 (free call)
all others: +49 69 9999 883

QR-Code-Hinweisgebersystem Franz Ziel GmbH

Of course, you can also submit the report anonymously. In order to properly investigate an anonymous report, we ask you to include as many details and documents as possible that support your report. Only if there are sufficiently concrete investigation approaches and possibilities for analyzing the causes can your tip ultimately make a difference.

With every contact, the confidentiality of the people involved and the report itself as well as data protection is ensured. Only the head of unavigator’s compliance department and, if necessary, independent lawyers engaged by the head of the compliance department can read the reports

Please note: The offices of the Bundesamtes für Justiz (BfJ),  Bundeskartellamtes (BKartA) or Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) are also available to you in the same way as our internal reporting office. These external reporting offices will contact you with a confirmation of receipt and inform you of the possibility of reporting to our internal reporting office. If, after examining your report, the external reporting office comes to the conclusion that it falls within the scope of the Whistleblower Protection Act and that the accusation is valid, it will contact Franz Ziel GmbH to clarify the matter. If the external reporting office cannot clarify the matter in a reasonable time, it will pass it on to the responsible prosecution authorities.

In order to comply with the notice quickly, efficiently and fully and to quickly remedy any existing grievances, we ask you to give priority to using the internal reporting office of Franz Ziel GmbH, which is operated by unavigator. In this way, you help those affected, your colleagues and Franz Ziel GmbH to put an end to undesirable developments at an early stage.