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This year ISPE Aseptic Conference in North Bethesda, MD will focus on providing flexible and reliable solutions for the implementation and management of the latest in aseptic, barrier, containment, and aseptic best practice technologies, including Automated Visual Inspections.

Visit us at our booth no. 216 and check out the session with our colleague James Lindsay Drinkwater, PE, Head of PHSS Aseptic Processing and Containment Special Interest Group:

“PE ATMPs: Viral Vectors, CAR-T, and Production Approaches

Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products, ATMPs, are a recent innovation in the industry and provide some interesting challenges: individualized/personalized medicines mean smallest batch sizes, down to single units. Keeping the high standards of aseptic operations currently established, including quality testing require new concepts in building fill-finish operations. Additional challenges are presented in that these products are often live-cell-based or are formulated in live-virus vector-systems. This session will present three case studies on the topic.”