FPP3-masks shortage

We help doctors, nurses and rescue personnel
with our bio-decontamination capacities to
reuse their respiratory masks germ-free and safely...

Based on the current Corona crisis organizations like hospitals and rescue services are experiencing severe shortages of protective equipment like respiratory masks.

We at Franz Ziel have therefore recently utilized our extensive laboratory capacities and performed bio-decontamination tests for such masks by means of vH2O2.

Our colleagues Ann-Catherine Roth and Dr. rer. nat. Birte Scharf executed tests including decontamination, aeration and residual H2O2 concentration studies in order to prove re-usability of masks after bio-decontamination.

Based on the positive results we are in close contact with the local authorities and healthcare providers in order to contribute with our knowledge and technology to relieve the distress of the respiratory masks shortage.