We built plant 4...

Franz Ziel is again expanding its capacities to meet our customers and partners requirements and  to improve our work flows.

We are seamlessly connecting to the growth and success of Franz Ziel in the past years, but the time period to expand our production and office capacities is getting cut by half every time since we started constructing our plant no. 2 in 2010, plant no. 3 in 2018 and now we just did the 1st groundbreaking for plant no. 4!

Plant no. 4 will have 1.500 m² production space and 1.500 m² office space,  built with innovative building technology like in our previous plants, to cover the energy requirements to the maximum with climate-friendly and renewable energies.

The future 3.000 m² parking lot (building ground pictured above) will be equipped with e-charging stations as climate protection has always been an integral part of the company philosophy.